Michael's New Book is a Needed Snapshot of Today's Changing Planet

I use the hashtag #proudfrau a lot but this is certainly worthwhile of it. Michael has just written and published his first book. And it is gorgeous! 

Meine Reisen an die Enden der Welt ("My Journey to the End of the World") published by Frederking & Thaler (an imprint with National Geographic and one of my personal favorites, Yann Arthus-Berthrand's Earth From Above) is a culmination of his lifelong goal of photographing all 193 countries in the world.

Michael Runkel
 Aerial of the massive glacier of Alexandra land, Franz Josef Land archipelago, Russia
 Musi women with plate in her lips, Mago National Park, Omovalley,Ethiopia,Africa
 Beautiful beach in the Bom Bom Resort,Unesco Biosphere reserve, Principe, Sao Tome and Principe, Atlantic Ocean
 Chinstrap Penguin colony(Pygoscelis antarctica), Saunders island, South Sandwich islands, Antarctica
 Friendly happy woman with scarf and traditional dress looking in the camera, Banc d¥arguin, Western Africa, Mauritania, Africa
 Lake assal most saltiest lake in the world,Djibouti
 sceptical young Afarbedouin-girl, Lake Abbe,Djibouti
 Camel carawan walking in the heat through a  salt lake, Danakil depression, Ethiopia
 Bedouin girls in front of Lac Abbe, Djibouti
Little Girls looks at photo book with penguins
Looking at Photo Book

Coupling his beautiful portraiture, landscape and wildlife photography with personal stories and travel tips, the book is a sweeping overview from a man who has journeyed for most of his life to the world's lost and precious places, from the South Orkney Islands (where only 150 people in human history have set foot) to Ethiopia's Omo Valley. 

Set in context of ecological, technological, political, and cultural shifts, it is a much-welcomed snapshot of today's changing planet from the perspective of a man who has, quite literally, seen it all. It is truly fascinating, and I must reflect on how amazing it is I (and Sia!) have accompanied him on many of these pursuits.

The book is currently in German, but who wouldn't want a photo book, auf Deutsch, on their coffee table? I hope you enjoy it!

Woman holding book


1 | Michael holds his book, "Meine Reisen an die Enden der Welt.”
2 | Aerial of the massive glacier Alexandra Land on Franz Josef Land archipelago, Russia.
3 | A Mursi woman, Mago National Park, Omo Valley, Ethiopia.
4 | Beautiful beach in Unesco Biosphere reserve, Príncipe, São Tomé & Príncipe.
5 | Chinstrap Penguins on Saunders island, South Sandwich Islands, Antarctica.
6 | Woman, Banc d’Arguin, Western Africa, Mauritania..
7 | An iceberg on the Antarctica Peninsula.
8 | Lake Assal, the saltiest lake in the world, Djibouti.
9 | A young Afar Bedouin girl on Lake Abbe, Djibouti.
10 | A camel caravan walks in the heat through a salt lake in the Danakil Depression, Ethiopia.
11 | A group of Bedouin girls tend to their livestock, Lac Abbe, Djibouti.