Big World Trip
Big World Trip
Following one of the world's "most traveled people" around the planet

Beyond Borders

We are off! Leaving Germany for a Year to Travel the World.



A snapshot of today's planet from a man (& family) who’s seen it all


Michael has traveled to all 193 U.N. countries, making him one of the world’s “most-traveled” people. Only around 150 people in human history have made this happen (more have ventured out to space).

What’s it like being a part of his family?

Join us as we do our third round-the-world trip, this time as a family of four. The world awaits!


Following the Compass

Michael just finished Photographing Every Country in the World

 Photographer standing over cliff in Faroe Islands, Denmark.


 A woman in an abaya walks down the beach away from a little boy in Kuwait City, Kuwait, Middle East.